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Ivory Coast:Killings of WOMEN of Abobo on the 3rd of March 2011 LAURENT GBAGBO IS NOT CONCERNED LET THE TRUTH TRIUMPH

By Alain DOGOU, Defence Minister and Civic Service
According to his spokesman, President Laurent Gbagbo in custody in Korhogo has instructed his lawyers to bind the necessary procedures to ensure that the truth comes out in the case of women of Houphouetists Rally for Democracy and Peace (RHDP) who were killed March 3, 2011, while protesting bare hands in the Council (commune) of Abobo. Preliminary investigations of the chamber 3 of the International Criminal Court asked the prosecutor to open an investigation into the post-election events occurred in the Ivory Coast. Pending the outcome of these proceedings, I would in my capacity as Minister of Defence at the time, first present my condolences to the families of all victims of this crisis, then make my testimony on the case of women of Abobo, and finally share painful questions about the case lived at the time by the Government of Professor Ake N’GBO.

Thursday, March 3, 2011, around 14 hours, at the end of weekly Council of Ministers, the first phone call I receive when I take my Global System Mobile (GSM) is a journalist with Radio France International (RFI) who wanted my opinion on the murder of seven (7) women killed with heavy weapons in Abobo. I told him that it was he who informed me and asked him to locate the exact location of the facts that he was reporting.
He replied he did not know himself exactly where, but he said it was at a crossroads in Abobo. I asked him which of the squares of the large council of Abobo? He said he was unfamiliar with the council of Abobo and was not at the scene of the facts which have been reported by a source who knew no more either. I even asked if he had previously shared with his colleagues who certainly have more information than him, which would allow me to carry out quickly, of the context, an investigation of intelligence services pending reports Operational Services.
He replied that they either, did not know more than him. I then advised to approach the Services of Ministry of Interior who are competent at one level to the management of public events.
As soon as I hung up with the RFI journalist that my colleague, Minister of the Interior called to say he had just hung up with a reporter for Agence France Presse (AFP) that asked about alleged repression by the FDS a march of RHDP women in Abobo would have resulted in six (6) dead. I told him the contents of my telephone interview with RFI journalist and my colleague told me that it is almost the same questions posed to the AFP, which had no more information than that of RFI. Ten (10) minutes later, the Minister of Government Spokesperson N’GBO Ake, who calls me on the phone because the foreign journalists who demanded a declaration by the Government the bloody repression by the Defence Forces and Security (FDS) a march of women in Abobo.
Then I enter in contact with the Senior Commander of the Gendarmerie and the Chief of Staff to learn more about the alleged affair. They told me one after the other they do not know. However, I ask them to examine their various collaborators in the field to be located on the allegations against the FDS and send me a detailed report.
At the same time, the French television channels: I – Tele and France 24 repeatedly broadcast images of an alleged march of women in Abidjan violently repressed by the FDS that caused (six) 6 dead. Clearly, the images that are broadcast to illustrate the comments were archival footage of a demonstration which took place a few months earlier in another municipality of Abidjan. But to “fool” viewers, the word “archival footage” did not appear at the top or the bottom of the screen as required by the ethics in this field. The comments tended to show the contrary, that they were pictures of the march that began in an atmosphere of gaiety, Thursday, March 3, 2011 and thereafter were dispersed with heavy weapons by FDS.
After investigation of the Police and the Gendarmerie, the General Staff of the FDS has produced and released March 4, 2011 a communiqué it does not recognize an alleged killings of women in Abobo with heavy weapons following an operation.
Later, during the day Friday, March 4, 2011, pictures were posted on websites where you could see close-up, men, children and women in a background of loud noise and then suddenly, a woman on the ground with blood or of eosin on the head, the camera does a close up on it, and we see she is trying to get up and someone whispers to lie down again and it sees the young lady spirit to actually go back to bed. The amateur cameraman certainly goes further, is a “sweep” in this fast and close a woman whose head exploded. Then, in a “zoom” the camera shows the transition from a tank, a police car and an ambulance.
2- Analyse
In the analysis of only images on the internet, it is difficult to say that the facts take place in the same theatre or it’s a montage worthy of a James Bond movie. These are the only real pictures of the alleged operation.
The same Thursday, March 3, 2011 at the same time held the Council of Ministers, UNOCI organized at its headquarters in the hotel Sebroko, a press conference on the reasons for its receipt of two (2) combat helicopters MI-24 in a civilian crisis to contest election results. In doing so, the journalists were probably all occupied by the Council of Ministers and the press conference of UNOCI. So there was no journalist from the national press, or UNOCI, let alone the foreign press to cover the third most important activity of the day i.e. March 3, 2011 Women’s March RHDP unfolding in Abobo, at the same time, which was violently put down with heavy weapons by FDS of Côte d’Ivoire.
It is still curious that the only images available of this case are those of an amateur cameraman. They are purposely not only used to move the national and especially international, but also present President Laurent Gbagbo as a killer of peaceful demonstrators, a tyrant who needs to be removed by all means from his palace, now called “bunker” by international press in comparison with that of the butcher Adolph Hitler in 1939-1945.
Only the seven (7) of March, four days after, the daily close of the Rally of Republicans (RDR) “The Patriot” which had voluntarily discontinued for a week returned to try to justify the “killing mass “of women in Abobo by FDS. On the front page of this newspaper, it was written in the strapline: “We are back” with three comments in the form of securities, “they dared to shoot women,” “people without hearts, without reason,” “the Captain Allah book the names of sponsors. ” Isolated three photographs illustrate these comments: the first presents a close-up of women with signs, the second shows one woman to the ground and the third is a picture of a tank in a street. These three photos, one can find the same kind in the photo libraries of all Ivorian newspapers they covered or not a public event of this magnitude 3 March 2011.
Asked about the movement of vehicles and Mounted Police carried out in the commune of Abobo on the day of the alleged facts, the military said that Thursday, March 3, 2011, there was no incident, the supply of peacekeeping troops to Order Mounted Police stationed in the camp of Abobo.
The case of heavy weapons massacre of women demonstrators was surmediatisee without anyone knowing neither the place nor the time of occurrence, outside the camera images of the amateur. The illustrations of the newspaper “The Patriot” is more of an unhealthy imagination cleverly premeditated. Despite this, UNOCI has taken over the headlines of news agencies and the Security Council had before it a report on alleged use of heavy weapons on women by the FDS.
It was the international outrage and dismay despite the formal denials made by the Government Aké N’GBO by his spokesman and March 4, 2011 Press Conference of Ministers of the Interior and Defence March 5, 2011 , President Laurent Gbagbo is accused by the foreign press and the International Community of Women murdering women opposed to his regime.
What threat could be a special public event ADDITION peaceful women of RHDP in Abobo March 3, 2011 against the regime of President Laurent Gbagbo that he decides to punish with heavy weapons?
So what did President Laurent Gbagbo to prove to the international community by ordering the “massacre” of unarmed women?
The story according to the report in the “patriot” of March 7, 2011, questions arise not yet understood. The tank shown in a highly partisan newspaper that he is the one who actually shot or is it a file photo? How many times has the char pulled? How the target has she reacted? Logically, if a tank shoots an unarmed crowd, there occurs a general stampede causing deaths, injuries and other collateral damage. In the case of Abobo, one speaks only of dead women and injured point as if the goal was only a death toll.
Who benefits from these crimes?
The fundamental question that we are entitled to ask is to know who benefits. This is because as soon as Sunday, March 6, 2011, women RHDP Abobo have paid a sympathy to the families of the deceased and that of a boy of fifteen (15) years presented by the press close to the RDR as the seventh victim .
When the world was preparing to commemorate the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8 each year, who had an interest to raise the excitement by the murder of women a few days earlier?
Of women who died March 3, 2011, there has certainly had that day, in Abobo. But certainly not under the conditions described in the press biased domestic and foreign.
Seven (7) months later, many people like me are still in limbo as to the conditions under which they were killed, especially since until July 2011, some families of the victims demanded the Executive RHDP, bodies their relatives to bury them according to their cultural and religious rites. Other families of victims made their grief because the board of the RHDP told them that their relative was buried the same day and without their knowledge!
How to understand a corpse be buried by the political family without the consent of the biological family with the understanding that it is not for the first but the second? And how is it that women supposedly killed by FDS were buried in haste, without any respect for a forensic procedure? Was there any information or data secret that it was imperative to protect? Apart from the message of compassion given Sunday, March 6 by a delegation of women from RHDP, what were the details of the remains given to families of women “martyrs”?
Why RHDP wanted to hold a rally specifically to render special tribute to those women without waiting for the official ceremony dedicated to the victims of the commune of Abobo? Y does the Martyrs RHDP a gradation of the post-election crisis? Or is it because the morgues of Anyama and Abobo lacked the facilities to receive the remains of attacks from the heavy weapons that women “martyrs” of March 3 were buried hastily?
The decoration ceremony posthumously, of the women martyrs of Abobo recognized by the Grand Chancellery August 2, 2011, in no way elucidated the mystery of this macabre story. Such a ceremony is not the end nor the debate over the circumstances of their deaths caused.
The fact is that the remains of other victims of Abobo were officially handed over to the respective families during a ceremony October 13, 2011, while women martyrs were buried in haste without the knowledge of their families. Why the differential treatment of victims of the same conflict?
For the record, we must remember that many montages coarse has been made in the Ivorian crisis so that we would not be surprised that the case for the killings of women in Abobo and Yopougon mass grave have the same director and same producer because the staging follows the same logic and the objective is the same, demonizing President Laurent Gbagbo.
In the mass grave of Yopougon, medical examiners had found water in the lungs of the deceased as a result of drowning to the plate and presented as having been executed in cold blood. Then we saw in January 2011 on French television screens a person, presented as a demonstrator RDR supposed dead following a bloody suppression of FDS to the UNOCI headquarters in Plateau, is up quietly after finishing play its part, unaware that another camera was still running. Finally, it was also announced in December 2010, the existence of a new mass grave in N’dotré. UNOCI after unsuccessful investigation has been forced to deny the existence.
In the case of killings of women in Abobo, the scene showed a woman covered with a liquid similar to red blood. She tried to get up when the order has been a respondent in a national language back to bed because the shooting was not over yet …
It is also interesting to point out that since January 2011, said a commando invisible to medieval methods rampant in the commune of Abobo, six police officers taking an observation post at the crossroads of the town hall exploded after an attack to the weapon heavy on the night of January 12 to 13, the Secretary of the Federation of FPI Madinani shelter came with his uncle was like a sheep slaughtered on January 17 under the pretext of being a supporter of President Laurent Gbagbo, a captain Force and two of its elements on a reconnaissance mission went missing at the crossroads of N’Dotré January 18, a punitive expedition was organized night of 6 to 7 March 2011 against the village of Anonkoua-Kouté deemed favourable to President Laurent Gbagbo.
All police stations and Gendarmerie brigades of Abobo have been the target of the commando invisible during the month of February 2011, forcing the General Staff of the FDS embargoed for seven years, to concentrate all security services in side of the force of the municipality to continue to ensure the safety of the remaining populations in the new context of urban guerrilla commando imposed by the invisible.
All resupply missions of security forces gathered in the camp of the force were attacked by snipers doing almost regularly damage the side of the SDS. On this occasion, were killed and an officer of the Sub-police officers. Two policemen were injured and burned a tank with grenades. On the night of 5 to 6 March 2011, the centre of the Ivorian television transmitter was destroyed and three security guards who were on duty inside the premises were burnt alive after being tied up like kids.
It is in this environment of serious disturbances and serious public order that has occurred during the period from January to March 2011, described as peaceful marches RHDP. The images of these street protests among the marchers showed individuals with small arms and sometimes heavy and traditional hunters “Dozo” carrying rifles which they never separate. The supposed march of women advertised or held March 3 in this town would have escaped to this device?
In the case of killings of women in Abobo, no specific survey has been requested or required by the new authorities in place since the RHDP, President Laurent Gbagbo is solely responsible for the FDS and the only culprits. What would be so investigated? In any case, the alleged facts would have gone into a joint favourable to Mr Ouattara.
For our part, we believe that a serious and transparent investigation will reveal many surprises. How else to explain the remarkable coincidence between the national celebration of International Women’s Day announced for two (2) weeks on national television in the commune of Yopougon supposedly gained President Laurent Gbagbo and the “massacre” of women in the RHDP Abobo alleged stronghold of Mr. Ouattara. Who benefits?

A thorough investigation must be conducted to determine the circumstances of the occurrence of the killing of these women, because it’s not President Laurent Gbagbo, who ordered their murders. This is not the Prime Minister Aké N’GBO.
It is neither the Minister of Defence nor of Interior. Recall that the Chief of Staff, the Senior Commander of the Gendarmerie and the Director General of Police surveyed said to know nothing of this painful affair.

But an idea was germinating already in international opinion, that to prohibit the use of heavy weapons in the District of Abidjan in order to substantially weaken the defence system of the National Armed Forces of Côte d’Ivoire (FANCI ) in the perception of the battle of Abidjan. Because they are wrongly called the soldiers of President Laurent Gbagbo are in fact the Defence Forces and national security support in accordance with relevant constitutional (Article 24) to ensure the protection of people and goods throughout the national territory. This was not the case since the crisis began in 2002 having spent the de facto partition of the country. President Laurent Gbagbo could therefore be used against civilian populations contrary to the allegations reported.
All this was not it the pretext for the intervention of the international community through the Security Council of the UN?
The surveys we place certain but the fact is that the staging of ordered the killing of women took place in a linear fashion. From this case, the Security Council of the UN decided to ban the use of heavy weapons in the single district of Abidjan, then taking another false pretext of violation of the resolution on March 17 by the FDS, it has mandated to UNOCI and French Licorne force to destroy the strategic sites of FANCI and Institutions of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. The rest is history.

The specific procedures brought in the courts by the lawyers of President Laurent Gbagbo and the investigation of the International Criminal Court will certainly discover the truth about the conditions of occurrence of the death of these women. Their deaths have affected the Ivorian all political persuasions simply because we do not shoot unarmed women. Therefore, we must, in all objectivity and independence let justice impartially conduct the necessary investigations to the outbreak of the truth by making sure that these women were actually killed and under what conditions and circumstances do they been, so that responsibilities are located in order to bring before the courts those responsible under the laws in force.
Contrary to popular belief, the people you described as close to President Laurent Gbagbo are not against the law. What they refute is the victor’s justice that has been on-going since November 28, 2010 with one hand, the good (the saviours Attorney KOFFI dixit) that would have fought the good fight and the other bad who have acted illegally, as if stopping the Constitutional Council Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo declared winner of the second round of the presidential election should not produce any legal effect.
Relatives of President Laurent Gbagbo want to know whether six women were killed in Abobo and who killed them. But beyond, clarify all of Abobo killings like those of six policemen at the roundabout at the town hall in the same commune and villagers Anonkoua-Kouté. But first they want to know how old are dead Ministers of Interior Emile Boga Doudou and TAGRO Desire, the officers of the FANCI, DALI Oblé, Dagrou Loula and all the policemen in Bouaké, the artists Yeréfè CAMARA said “H” and Marcellin Yacé; rebel leaders Oumar Diarrassouba what were called “Zaga Zaga,” said Bamba Kassoum “kass” Adama Coulibaly said “Adams” and all the dead outside the Hotel Ivoire (2004) and the Middle Cavally (2011). We cannot hide just trying to indict President Laurent Gbagbo and bringing him before the International Criminal Court.
Ivorians want to know the truth about all crimes committed since September 2002 and after that they will certainly go to reconciliation.
Laurent Gbagbo simply wanted the recounting of the ballot paper in order to put an end to the political crisis proclamations divergent results of the presidential election made by the Independent Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Council. Those who refused his proposal and preferred conflict resolution policy by a military solution imputes the sole responsibility of the damage.
The various surveys we situate the responsibilities of each other and will primarily identify the real culprits.

Defence Minister and Civic Service
Government of Professor Ake Gilbert Marie N’GBO

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